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Lots and Land

8 photos
Vacation Home Lot in PDO Listing #33, Lot Playa de Oro #15/5
San Felipe Area Playa De Oro SOLD  $16,000 USD
16 photos
Lg R/V Lot Available in Beach and Golf Resort listing #36, Lot Park your RV or Build Modest Affordable Home
San Felipe Area Palos Verde Norte $19,500 USD
14 photos
Sea View Ranch Land Near San Felipe EPNA listing #5, Suite Beautiful Baja Land Parcel with Sea View
San Felipe Area Ejido Plan National $24,500 USD
18 photos
Home Lot in quiet safe area of town, Listing # 8, Lot Up scale Area of San Felipe-Make Offer
San Felipe B.C. Fraccionamiento del Mar $29,000 USD 0 sq. m.
21 photos
R/V Lot with Garage in Quiet Sea View Resort. Listing #15, Lot Drive Thru R/V Lot in Baja Resort Lot 6150-34-01
San Felipe Area Los Viajeros South $44,500 USD
3 photos
Beach Front Lot in Las Arenas Private Campo, Lot Lot #4
San Felipe Area Las Arenas $65,000 USD
18 photos
Carretera San Felipe-Aeropuerto #S/N
San Felipe South San Felipe $315,000 USD
3 photos
Parcel South of Hotsprings
South Campos $400,000 USD
4 photos
Carretera Federal # 5 Mexicali to San Felipe
North San Felipe $800,000 USD
8 photos
Highway south developement acreage
Ejido Matomi $2,000,000 USD
46 photos
Km 182 Careterra Mexicali - San Felipe
San Felipe El Pescador $12,000,000 USD

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